Welcome to the farm $BITCOIN!

Shibance Inu upgrade explained.

The Market today:


  • Shibance Inu launches a new token on December 3rd, 3 pm, UTC.
  • $WOOF holders bridge tokens 1:1 on the website at launch.
  • The bridge will be available as long as possible for everyone to swap tokens and when we decide to remove…

  • December 3rd 2021 — Friday
  • Time — TBC

What is Shibance Inu?

Mission Statement:

Shibance Inu

The great gaming competition.

The Games

  • Farming Pairs (Fusion Farms)
  • Staking pools (Reactor Chambers)
  • Unique holder rewards
  • High-quality gaming…

Shibance Inu

Shibance Inu is the new upgraded platform of Shibance and Woof, a multi layer DEX for all things dog and memeable.

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