wen shibance inu?

ok moon boys here you go…

When will Shibance Inu launch?

  • December 3rd 2021 — Friday
  • Time — TBC

What is Shibance Inu?

Mission Statement:

The first Decentralised Meme-Friendly Exchange and Launchpad, with all your favorite meme projects on one platform.

Users are incentivised to pool liquidity on Shibance Inu through yield farming to earn the native currency, *newtoken*. Additionally, Puppers can use their earned *newtoken* to stake and earn other tokens and unlock exclusive features.

  • Shibance was a great DEX for farming and staking collecting some of the best projects around with huge meme potential and allowing you to farm their coins and earn $WOOF the native token of Shibance.
  • Shibance Inu, take this but evolves. There were issues with the previous contract that did not allow it to sustain itself. This lead to a slow bleed of resource from the previous project. The new contract fixes all this and has attracted a larger team to push more dog based tokens and future partners into the new ecosystem. Get ready for some of the best APY returns around, especially at launch — even numbers to rival some ridiculous DAOs with billions of percent returns.

Key Features:

Trade - Shibance Inu is an automated market maker (“AMM”) that allows any combination of two tokens to be exchanged on the Binance Smart Chain.

Earn - Earn *newtoken* from yield farming or staking your *newtoken* in the Doggy Pound to earn other tokens.

Win - Lotterryyy! Shibance Inu Lottery will provide users a chance to win more tokens by purchasing tickets at set intervals, this may be weekly or bi-weekly and offer roll-over rewards.

  • Burn & Reward

• 20% of the Betting Pot is Burned per Round.

• 80% of the Pot Distributed as rewards.

NFT Staking - Stake your *newtoken* in selected farms to obtain exclusive Shibance NFTs! There will be various other ways to earn NFTs, stay tuned on our Twitter and Telegram channels.

Governance - (Coming Soon) Vote for your favourite tokens and earn them a farming boost for the week. May the best Doggo win!

Cross-Chain - (Coming Soon) Initially launching on Binance Smart Chain, before expanding to other chains. We want to support all our doggo frens, wherever they are. We’re looking at you AVAX, ETH, ONE…

Invest - (Coming Soon) Participate in Initial *newtoken* offerings (IWOs) to gain early access to promising meme projects. Never again miss out on the launch of the next Safemoon, Shiba Inu, Doge…

  • A proportion of the *newtoken* used to buy into launchpad projects will be burned.

How do I get *newtoken*?

  • A bridge…
  • We will be launching a platform to swap your $WOOF for *newtoken*. This will be available at and after launch. We will advise WOOF holders on how to do this and when to do this in the interest of rewarding diamond hands…
  • After launch you can buy *newtoken* from the website and on PancakeSwap with the pairing.

Shibance Inu Tokenomics.

Token distribution rates:

First two weeks post-launch — 60 *newtoken* / Block

Next two weeks — 30 *newtoken* / Block

All remaining Blocks — 20 *newtoken* / Block

  • The earlier you buy *newtoken* the greater your rewards — get in early and gain the most.

DEX Trading Fees

• 0.20% back to LP holders.

• 0.10% *newtoken* Development Fund.

Yield Farming

10% of all emissions directed to the Shibance Inu Development Fund.

Shibance Inu Auto Compounder

2% of all Yield Harvested to be burned.

Wen marketing?

Now. Already we are meeting with various contacts in the BsC network readying plans for launch.

Shortly we will begin the organic word of mouth organised promotion along with social media posts and outreach.

As always we encourage promotion of your own investment. Read, understand, and get excited about the project; then tell your friends and your networks about the opportunity that awaits you and others.

Despite the budget prepared for advertising as a whole, the most efficient and effective marketing is always when one person tells another in an organic way and it snowballs from there. So we will be leaning on the excitement from Shiba Inu, Doge and various other growing canine based cryptocurrencies to invest in what will become the primary DEX in the market.

Wen airdrop?

  • Cupcake holders — you will be airdropped your dollar value of tokens at the time of snapshot at launch.
  • You will receive *newtoken*
  • Woof holders — you will not get an airdrop, you will be able to exchange your WOOF 1:1 for *newtoken*, simple.

What about da bots?

Sorry I know I’m covering all the daft questions here but they need to be addressed.

  • The team is highly experienced here and we can assure you there is no need to worry about launch bots…
  • We believe in a fair ecosystem, and everyone is welcome to buy in any manner they wish…ultimately the diamond handed holders will be rewarded the most as everyone else will be paying them for their actions…
  • There will be no back handed tactics to prevent investors buying, everyone is welcome we seek maximum investment and maximum hype for launch, if you want to throw hundreds of BNB at launch, we welcome you, if you want to throw some change, we welcome you also into our doggy pound.
  • For the best prices, being early is always encouraged however you may achieve that. Your goal should be to get into those farms as quickly as possible…

What do I do now?

Go forth and shill!

The more investors you gain the better the rewards.

The greater the volume the greater the rewards.

Let’s just say, you’ll all have a very, merry, xmas…

Shibance Inu




Shibance Inu is the new upgraded platform of Shibance and Woof, a multi layer DEX for all things dog and memeable.

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Shibance Inu

Shibance Inu

Shibance Inu is the new upgraded platform of Shibance and Woof, a multi layer DEX for all things dog and memeable.

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