Yer’ a farmer Harry!

HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu (BITCOIN)

Welcome to the farm $BITCOIN!

It’s our pleasure to welcome the most degen, active raiding, shilling hype inducing meme of 2021. Newly listed on CMC and CG and ready to take the top 10 of crypto.

If you ever wanted to learn how to be noticed in the current crypto market, here it is. Gotta’ go fast! Collect those rings and defeat those other presidents, Knuckles ain't got nothing on Sonic!

What is HPOS10inu ($BITCOIN)?

With the ticker $BITCOIN, hpos10inu is the people’s coin. A true meme for generations with mass-market appeal, huge marketing and a relentless community.

Is it safu?

Audited by Techrate.

What are the HPOS10INU tokenomics?

Reflection + LP (Liquidity Pool) acquisition + Burn-In each trade
5% fee = redistributed to holders
5% fee = into LP

What’s the website?

Is it listed on CMC and CG?

Yes, and yes.

What’s their telegram?

How do I buy?

Now time for the fun part!

Did you read everything and do your research?

Have you promoted your investment?