Shibance Inu — Launches first VIP partnership.

Get ready for a new pool at Shibance Inu.

Let’s keep this brief, lots happening, much excite…

What’s a VIP pool?

Our first VIP pool for Shibance Inu will add a new stake in the DoggyPound. This allows you to take your SHIBINU tokens and stake some or all of them for a new token that we have partnered with.

You make the choice now, do you keep staking for more SHIBINU to compound, or a new token, or a mix of both?

Our new partner has allocated a number of tokens to the pool for everyone to stake and collect. This means:

  • New holders for Shibance.
  • New holders for our new partner.
  • New farms with the new token.
  • A larger and stronger community with joint efforts.

We will release more details soon. Until then keep active on the Telegram to stay up to date with the latest news, updates and competitions coming up!

P.S — our next medium article will be incentivised, practice reading and understanding the content and be ready to share it, after the announcement. The better your promotion, the greater the reward…

ShibINU Partner 1

Shibance Inu is the new upgraded platform of Shibance and Woof, a multi layer DEX for all things dog and memeable.