FusionSwap UPDATE — 10.10.21

The great gaming competition.

The Games

Cupcake was well known for creating games, there was one released and 2 more in production. These are now on hold for FusionSwap but the gamification lives on! In association with BlockMine, FusionSwap has been asked to gather a team of four to represent. We will be sourcing from the Telegram a group of dedicated players who can perform the best and be reliable to win the cash prize.

The Platform

You saw the screenshots, now the production begins. We have onboarded developers to create the new FusionSwap platform and continue with the launchpad platform. With some new improved upgrades and design changes, it’s looking great and we should be able to share some screens of it soon.


…we have new NFTs….they’re cool…more on this later (shh)

New Website

A new exciting feature has been discussed on this that we hope to be able to show if possible. The update, for now, is that it’s being built simultaneously with everything else and will be heavily optimised to give us that new professional look.

Launch Plans

We aim for an end-of-month launch, but this is not a confirmed date. At this time anything could happen to move the date in both directions, but these are our realistic estimations, we hope you understand. Everyone’s schedules are different at this time so whilst some are busy with other things we are allocating resources to either planning or creating new ideas in downtime and reaching out to potential partners. There is a potential exciting development for a great launch for a lot of new investors but we can’t speak much on this yet.

As soon as we have some great content to share and the coding for the platform is complete production will begin on sharing and marketing FusionSwap. This will be Stage-1 of our organic outreach, paid will be reserved until there is a working product to show off. The longer we can guarantee our investors the cheap prices the better for all.

The Market

Oh Bitcoin, you sassy fiend you… As always the team is watching the market, our success will be twinned with altcoin performance and avoiding the dumping of shitcoins and BNB. We predict this to get better over the coming weeks but currently, it still looks very uncertain as a market. Rest assured this doesn’t affect the production of the platform but is simply a consideration to have when launching a new product that will be greatly affected by the market sentiment. It is our duty to you, the investors, to avoid any pump and dump scenario that may occur by launching into for example a dead cat bounce that leads to a sell-off.

Woof and Cupcake coin continue to trade, no snapshots have been taken so selling before will ensure you lose out on airdrops of new coin. The name has been decided but not publically released and the contract finalised but subject to change as we develop new ideas.

What was project floof is now integrated into the new contract and will be a later release.