FUSIONswap — the DEX of the future.

Imagine combining your favorite cryptocurrency coins together to build the ultimate farm of the cosmos and galactic-sized pools to stake for rewards.

FusionSwap will be the one-stop-shop for all your needs when it fully launches complete with:

  • Farming Pairs (Fusion Farms)
  • Staking pools (Reactor Chambers)
  • Unique holder rewards
  • High-quality gaming NFTs and collectibles
  • Launchpad for exclusive IDOs with holder bonuses
  • Secret project Energy
  • Laser Targeted Launches…
  • Live charting displays
  • Redacted Atomiser Information…
  • and much more to be announced.
FusionSwap Coming Soon

The ultimate DEX on the BSC network

Launching on the Binance Smart Chain network initially, FusionSwap is the combination of two large-scale projects CupcakeCoin, owner of Munchee.app, and Shibance.

These two projects have been fused together in the Great Reactor to form the new brand of FusionSwap, and a new coin -redacted-

The expertise of both teams has been carefully selected and curated to form the new project combining the talent of both development teams for front-end and back-end work; the design talent across the board for a fresh new look and further developments into the NFT gaming sector and a hosted hub for these.

Partnerships will be scaled up with greater outreach than ever before for bigger and better investment opportunities and enhanced marketing communications processes into a more serious platform unlocking the full alt-coin performance.

Preview Render of FusionSwap app platform
Preview Render of FusionSwap app platform

Dear current investors,

Cupcake Coin and Woof remain as live tokens on BSC as of today 23/09/2021. At a randomised interval snapshots will be taken of holdings across both coins at which point the team will seek to boost the new project with the funds held in current liquidity and from the proceeds of token values.

All holders will receive new tokens to the value of their current holdings at the time of the snapshot, balanced per coin. It is suggested, without financial advice that the most lucrative thing to do is to hold tokens, allow the team to match them with a new launch, and not sell to maximise returns.

There will be a private sale, a presale with a whitelist for diamond-handed holders, and a public launch in order to maximise funding for the new venture.

Venture Capital investors are also in discussion for further funding for large-scale projects which will be discussed in due course.

We thank you for your patience thus far in the development process and hope our measured and methodical approach can be trusted as a way to ensure a clean and safe launch for everyone. Further details will be announced as we can confirm 100% on the next steps to stay in touch as we aim to give plenty of warning to all prospecting investors looking to see this fusion as a success.

Social channels

We will be looking to merge and update the social channels going forwards so will look to make announcements in all areas to let you know where to be to find the latest updates. Follow our new Twitter here.

For now business as usual, we hope you are excited about the new project, keep an eye out for the next update and our timeline of events.

Still got questions?

Here’s our FAQ pack




Shibance Inu is the new upgraded platform of Shibance and Woof, a multi layer DEX for all things dog and memeable.

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Shibance Inu

Shibance Inu

Shibance Inu is the new upgraded platform of Shibance and Woof, a multi layer DEX for all things dog and memeable.

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