get ready…

wait don’t go we’ll explain!

FusionSwap is built on science, scientists prodding apes, and mixing chemicals. Crazy huh? Let’s continue… Those apes got out… They drank the chemicals we were mixing for FusionSwap and learned how to talk.

What did the apes say I hear you cry? What has this got to do with Fusion?

The apes said Shibu…

Crazy apes started chanting Shibu, non-stop, relentless. We thought this might happen and we were ready…

  • Throughout our development since taking over Shibance we saw potential in the OG dog coins but wanted to know what the market wanted — were they ready for a new platform, new look, new feel, or was the brand of Woof too strong to ignore, could we fight it any longer or did we need to face facts that the dogs are here to stay and like it or not everyone wants one…

Yes, we were building for a FusionSwap Lab, with high-tech equipment, and the latest gadgets — these we will implement. But first, we are returning to the jungle to study the apes…

  • Shibance Inu is our new name
  • We embrace the meme, we embrace our roots of dog, woof, bark
  • The market wants to see Dog coins don spacesuits and chase sticks on the moon, which we shall provide.
  • This bull run is not ready for the intricate science of which we have built, it demands fun, a fluffy companion, and ultimate shill.
  • The new contract is fixed, upgraded, improved, and ready for more.
  • Our budget has grown and will shout Shibance louder than ever.
  • Fusion will be taking the cupcake supplies and feeding them to the dogs — cupcake holders will be dropped our new token (improved woof).
  • Woof holders will be dropped the upgraded woof contract.
  • We are the same but better, new but original, woof but louder.

Get ready, once again to send the new Woof to the moon!

Don’t be late this all happens very soon…

Shibance Inu is the new upgraded platform of Shibance and Woof, a multi layer DEX for all things dog and memeable.